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On this page I am going to mention the most important and popular  Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing software that is being used to design and create  JEWELRY.  I will also provide you with my personal opinion on some of these software.

It’s very impressive to see How designing Jewelry has changed in the past fifteenth years.  Let’s begin  with the pioneer JEWELCAD a software that revolutionized the way we design jewelry; very much outdated now (although still very big  in Asia)  compared to the new software that has invaded the market. Jewelcad is trying to update their software by bringing us a new version of Jewelcad called JEWELCAD PRO which is pretty decent but not yet up to the level of some of the new software out there.

Rhino, all I can say is “wow”.  Their team is always actualizing and inventing new plug-ins for this software which make it very or perhaps the most important CAD software in the world, from creating to rendering, Rhino has it all.  I must mention to you MATRIX, to me the most sophisticated out there when it comes to creating jewelry, even the proportions are very realistic, I must say that is not very easy to work with  in the beginning specially  if you don’t have a rhino background but once you get the hang of it and if you are very passionate about designing you don’t want to let it go.

T-Splines, former RHINO plugin recently acquired by AUTODESK  is the best program in the market if you want to create organic surfaces.  It is equiped with specific commands to build and manipulate surfaces like no other program, you get full control of what is in your mind and what is that you want to design.  If you are a Jewelry Designer that loves to create organic jewelry I highly recommend to try  this software.


ZBrush4, Well this is a whole different animal, my way to describe this software is PHOTOSHOP meets MATRIX.  Very complex yet very interesting.  This software would be great for  re-creating any type of surface that has to do with sculpting.

So far these are the only three software that I can comment on because I make my designs through them, well exept for Zbrush which I just tested it.   Although I am very intrigued by Monarch CAD, which I haven’t tried it yet but I am in the process of testing it.  I will keep you posted.  Now see for yourself and check the links and the informational videos on the world of CAD software below.


T-Splines: A new modeling surface for design

T-Splines are a powerful computer-aided design (CAD) surface with special properties, which improves upon traditional CAD technology while retaining compatibility.

T-Splines allows designers to

  • Add detail only where necessary
  • Create non-rectangular topology
  • Easily edit complex freeform models
  • Maintain NURBS compatibility

Since T-Splines is compatible with existing modeling technologies, it integrates easily with most production pipelines.

Add detail only where necessary

T-Splines surfaces can contain areas with differing levels of detail. Control points may be added only where needed. A typical T-Splines surface will have up to 50% fewer control points than the identical equivalent set of NURBS surfaces.

T-Splines are similar to NURBS, with the difference that you can have partial isoparms.

A main difference between T-Splines and NURBS is the existence of T-points. A T-point is a vertex where on one side, there is an isoparm, and on the other side, there isn’t. This allows lines of detail to end elegantly. The surface is always smooth (C2) at a T-point. NURBS don’t allow T-points.

Create non-rectangular topology

Extrusions, holes, and other unique features are easy to create in a T-Spline surface. This is a second difference between T-Splines and NURBS. NURBS require multiple surfaces, or a polysurface, for such objects. T-Splines can accomodate these features in a single surface, through using a special point called a star point.

T-Splines are like subdivision surfaces in this respect, with the difference that you can insert geometry without changing the surface.

Easily edit complex freeform models.

Because of T-points and star points, T-Splines surfaces are easy to edit–simply grab a point anywhere on the surface and move it. The surface will stay smooth and gaps will not be introduced.

Maintain NURBS compatibility

If your downstream applications require a different file format, T-Spline models can be exactly converted to NURBS. T-Splines can also be exported as a mesh.


Gemvision Matrix 7


Matrix Version 6.3 software for jewelry artisans facilitates the Computer-Aided Design of stunning jewelry models with tools unique to the industry in every sense of the word. Matrix is built on Rhinoceros CAD software by McNeel and Associates in Seattle, WA: a sophisticated tool in itself that is used in many industries – from CGI special effects in major motion pictures to boat building, and from automotive development to sneaker design! Gemvision’s development team has harnessed the Rhino software engine so that elements like gems, finger sizes, common setting types & design elements, and even whole rings – signet rings,eternity rings, raised bands – are instantly built for you by the software. Matrix Version 6.3 also hasan intuitive, easy-to-use interface. When you make design decisions in the software, Matrix direct Rhino to build the design you’ve indicated.

Professional CAD / CAM plug Rhinoceros, designed specifically for three-dimensional modeling of jewelry, simply indispensable for designers working on the computer. The intuitive interface allows you to quickly understand and figure out how to run the program, which highlights the design and modeling, are reduced to a set of management postroiteley. Postroiteli – this time to keep the menu simple step by step with the administration, allowing the user to modify all the parameters of the elements. Interfaces provide a change management project in real time on screen in immediate response to user actions. Computer design is transformed into an interactive modeling process, the changing speed of the imagination of the designer. Program whose specialist to create highly realistic models of jewelry.

Today you must find new and innovative ways to improve your business, like integrating Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software from Gemvision.
By harnessing the power of 3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) and making it jeweler-friendly, Matrix lets you design virtual 3D jewelry on-screen
while generating a detailed color preview image that can be printed or emailed. Matrix then outputs all file types compatible with any CAM
(Computer Aided Manufacturing) device including Gemvision’s Revo540C Milling System which generates dimensionally accurate models ready for casting.
This total solution is leading the CAD/CAM revolution. The benefits of integrating Matrix software into your business include…

  • Create your own look with unique designs
  • Stand out from your competition
  • Create 100% dimensionally accurate jewelry
  • Allow your customer to SEE the piece before it exists
  • Increase cash flow by creating virtual inventory
  • Increase profit margins through unique designs
  • Take advantage of profitable niche markets

Rhinoceros 4.0

The new tested version of the powerful CAD / CAM software for three-dimensional NURBS modeling, focused on the use of industrial design, architecture, marine design, jewelry design, automotive design.

Closed Joint Stock Company Robert McNeel & Associates (McNeel) was founded by Robert MakNilom in 1980, is headquartered in Seattle. The first fifteen years of its existence, Robert McNeel & Associates in charge of developing various applications in AutoCAD, but in the last decade focused on the issue of its own line of popular products for industrial design and visualization, key among which is a Rhino 3D – a package for innovation, but the cost of three-dimensional modeling, technology-based NURBS.

Rhino 3D (full name – Rhinoceros) – developed by Robert McNeel & Associates editor of three-dimensional geometry with a very rich functionality and at the same time affordable and easy to learn. Package is widely used for problems of industrial design, conceptual design in the auto and shipbuilding, creating jewelry, rapid prototyping, and others.

Design Rhino began in 1992 on a platform of AutoCAD. Later it was decided to create their own platform. Initially, Rhinoceros 3D is a free tool that gave the ability to tune the existing options and create others. Now getting ready for her 5-th version, but also created assembly for Macintosh OS X. Recognition Program, is actively growing and growing stronger, as it contains a diverse set of devices for working with objects of any complexity, equating to a high-level software, differing only in the more affordable pricing.

Software Architecture Rhino – an open, application developers provided advanced user interface programming in C / C + +, as well as the free library OpenNURBS to develop the means to exchange data with other systems, providing open access to the files in the format 3DM (main system Rhino).

Major improvements in Rhinoceros 5.0 Work-in-Progress Release 2010-05-18:

  • Rhinoceros 5.0 is much faster and more stable than Rhinoceros 4.0
  • Full support for 32Bit and 64bit platforms running Windows
  • Changing the display in real time is much faster than in Rhinoceros 4.0
  • Set with Rhinoceros 4.0, while completely prevents you from returning to the earlier version and continue working in it.

64-bit Windows Supported:
The 64-bit version of Rhino 5.0 can use as much system memory as is available from the operating system. This allows you to open and edit models that are much larger than you could edit in Rhino 4.0.

The 32- and 64-bit versions of Rhino can be installed and run on the same computer at the same time.

Backward Compatible:
Rhino 4.0 Plug-ins will load and run in the 32-bit version of Rhino 5.0. Plug-ins will need to be recompiled for the 64-bit version of Rhino by the plug-in developer. Until they’re ready, you may need to run the 32- and 64-bit versions of Rhino 5.0 side by side.

RhinoGold 3.0

RhinoGold 3.0 from TDM Solutions is the new plug-in for the Rhinoceros NURBS modeler for Windows.RhinoGold makes it possible for jewelry designers and manufacturers to fully modify and manufacture jewelry precisely and quickly, using a clear and intuitive interface that both simplifies and cuts down on learning time.

RhinoGold can run as a Rhino plug-in or with its own user interface and offers a large array of features to design even the most complex jewels. It also includes a large database of gems to quickly and easily add gems to the jewels.

Designed by jewelers for jewelers, RhinoGold offers such tools as Gem Studio, Automatic and Dynamic Pave, the Head Studio, the Bezel Studio, the Gem Studio, the Ring Wizard, the Ring Scaler, the Channel Studio, Tools for calculating metal and gem weights, the CAM export Assistant, the STL Repair Assistant, and many more, all which have made RhinoGold one of the most powerful 3D jewelry design solutions on the market.

Rhinogold Advantage:

  • A software program specific to jewelry, RhinoGold has been designed by jewelers for jewelers, with an intuitive interface that makes RhinoGold fast and easy.
  • Designed to be easy to learn with a quick learning curve.
  • Easy and agile, the tools have a real-time preview function.
  • Precision and professionalism in all stages of modeling, making the designs ready to use for manufacture.
  • A multitude of advanced tools for experts in the field, intended to cover all the steps of production from initial design to manufacture, including tools for presenting designs and creating catalogues.
  • Basic rendering and real-time renderer are included, compatible with other renderers such as Flamingo, Penguin, V-Ray, Brazil, and others.
  • An affordable price and no maintenance fees.
  • The possibility to attend a classroom or online




Rendering Software

KeyShot is the fastest and easiest to use 3D rendering and animation software available. In just a few steps you can create amazing looking images from your 3D models that can be used throughout the product development process to make design decisions and quickly create variations of concepts for customer, manufacturing or marketing.

Firestorm CAD

Firestorm Cad Software comes with:

A Jewelry module with International finger sizes, model mass weight.

Stone layout tools for pave’ on a surface and setting diamonds along a line on surface for stone geometry   Tools vs. Builders

Let your customer come in your store and design jewelry by using Firestorm cad jewelry design easy interface Touchscreen

Stones have tools associated that you can turn on or off when needed as part of the structure of the program.  Wherever you place a stone on a surface you can quickly make bezels, prong layout, cutters for stone seats and for underlay cutters for piercing azures.
This is not like any builder that you have seen in many plug-ins; a builder has to be applied to your design as a process which, when it comes to altering a saved design, they have limited flexibility. A lot of times how you made the design limits what you can change. Sometimes you are forced to delete that component area or undo it and re-apply the builder to make the changes.
In FireStorm CAD you can move stones set in a channel by moving up with the channels bottom surface with the stones until it is co-planar with the ring shank.  Turn on any stone tool to make know a bezel heads, prongs, and cut under gallery or seats for stones whatever you need to hold the stones and change the design. All can be customized to the new style with while you work with a client.  It is that fast. In jewelry you create a design and set stone. When working with a client they always want you to move stones, changing size, shape, add more, remove stone taper/ round this, move this a little, wide it here and tall or lower . Styling a design can be very time consuming and is very hard when you have line, surface and solids to worry about. In Firestorm CAD it is a solid that you are editing so we are not as concern how it was made under the skin so to speak, we just want to directly model the style. It is compatible with Rhino file(surface modeler) and you can import many other file formats. All programs have there strengths we have a product that integrates with them all. If you have CAD or brand new to it, this is the easiest designing editing and styling tool for jewelry design that is on the market today.

Every day customers come in and want some changes made to something in your showcase.  Until now, those sales required more time which ate into margins.  With FireStorm you can go directly from sales floor to production.  A New Day With FireStorm CAD’s ease of use, those days are gone.  This incredible software, combined with our team of  master model makers, CAD Trainers and CAD engineers combine to create the ultimate sales tools for higher-margin custom work.  The software comes with a complete online video training and a comprehensive library of components models. The Power of Virtual Inventory With the model library, one ring becomes many.  And, with just some small modifications, you can have your own virtual inventory of designs that would cost in upwards of $50,000.00 if you were to pay a CAD designer to build. These component designs can turned into thousands of designs for both remounts and even your own branded line. Now you don’t have to invest in building a huge inventory of finished goods and you don’t have to be a goldsmith or a model maker either.

Imagine Every Salesperson, Becomes A Designer

The ability to create and edit designs using FireStorm CAD instantly turns all of your salespeople into 3D designers. The components are scaled so you can pick the correct ring shank size and assemble any stone combinations together with all stone settings (heads) calibrated to the stone size. This helps to create better looking designs that are attractive yet are durable and scaled correctly to allow for polishing and finishing. This lets the sales associate build jewelry by selecting any jewelry style from the library of components with the customers interacting with FireStorm’s built in library. Photo Realistic in Minutes Some CAD programs take hours to produce a photo realistic version of the design (called ‘rendering’) making them difficult to use for sales presentations.  With FireStorm, rendering is so quick you can make changes to your design and quickly show them to the client with different stones or even a different metal color.

From Sales Floor Right to Manufacturing

Once a customer approves the design your finish 3D design can be emailed or exported to any service bureau or company that offers CAM (computer aided manufacturing ) It exports as a STL file which any mill can read or 3D printer supports. Your new design photo can be printed for presentation or can be add to any marketing material, website and catalog that you may want to create. Unlike existing design programs, the designs you create in FireStorm look real to the customer and that means you can spend less time in your design presentation and use FireStorm to close sales on the spot. No more wax approvals and multi-visits to make alterations. More importantly, your clients become emotionally attached to the piece of jewelry that they helped design with your sales team!


TechGems 4.2

TechGems 4.2 is a Professional Jewelry Design Software which lets you create 3D models of jewelry and other luxury items easily, precisely and quickly. It is suitable for both novice users as well as experienced CAD designers and features the most comprehensive range of jewelry-specific tools to help you through every stage of the design process. Whether you are making a simple pendant or the most technically challenging and spectacular of jewels, TechGems 4.2 can help you create your vision faster and more efficiently. For a video-preview of just some of the many TechGems 4.2 tools available please visit our Features pages.

Overview The fundamental philosophy of TechGems 4.2 is to enhance, optimize and integrate – into a single intuitive workspace – the best and the latest technologies which have an application for the design and the manufacturing of jewelry. TechGems 4.2 tools help with those tasks of the jewelry modeling process which may be complex or repetitive, while always providing the flexibility required for maximum creative freedom. TechGems 4.2 facilitates, speeds up and opens new frontiers in the art of creating jewelry.

TechGems 4.2 adds to Rhinoceros an extensive collection of jewelry-specific tools divided into four main groups: Metal Tools, Gem Tools, Bonus Modeling Tools and tools related to ENLIGHTENED™ – Swarovski Elements. As always, you also have at your disposal the complete range of classic Rhino Tools, many of which are also found as a TechGems 4.2-Enhanced version which boosts and optimises their application in jewelry.

If you select the option to install TechGems 4.2 with the TechGems 4.2 Interface (instead of as a Plug-in) then you will find all tools re-arranged according to how often they are used in the jewelry creation process and with the option to access all sub toolbars much more comfortably, without the need for so many mouse clicks. This interface option is also suited to designers who are used to the classic Rhino interface, who will find it very familiar.

Read below to find out more about each group of TechGems 4.2 tools and how they can assist you in modeling your best jewelry.
TechGems 4.2 Metal Tools The TechGems 4.2 Metal Tools group features tools which mainly focus on those aspects of the modeling and creation process related to making metal parts or complete items of jewelry.

TechGems 4.2 Gem Tools The TechGems 4.2 Gem Tools group comprises tools which are mainly used when working with a variety of different gem cuts or during those stages of the modeling process when we are required to prepare an item of jewelry for the setting of gems.

ENLIGHTENED™ – Swarovski Elements Tools This group contains tools relating to ENLIGHTENED™ – Swarovski Elements, the new product brand for Swarovski’s Genuine Gemstones & Created Stones. TechGems 4.2 has been the first and is to date the only jewelry design software to incorporate this library of precision-cut gemstones.

TechGems 4.2 Bonus Modeling Tools The TechGems 4.2 Bonus Modeling Tools group features a range of simple tools that are a modified version of some classic Rhino tools, enhanced to boost their performance and optimise their use for the creation of jewelry. For example, imagine you have done a pavè with 100 or more micro-prongs which you now want to make taller by scaling them perpendicularly to the surface: this operation would be very slow in Rhinoceros but can be carried out in seconds with TechGems 4.2. Likewise, the rest of the tools in this group will open up a world of easier and faster jewelry modeling.

Classic Rhino Tools TechGems 4.2 is built around Rhinoceros, a 3D Modeling Software known all around the world for its flexibility, precision, ease of use and affordable price.While TechGems 4.2 adds many trade-specific tools which are essential for modeling high quality jewelry, Rhino also has many tools which are just perfect for the design process. When you use TechGems 4.2 you also have at your disposal all the classic Rhino tools. We recommend that you install the TechGems 4.2 Interface to find the classic Rhino Tools re-arranged according to how often they are used in jewelry. In addition, the TechGems 4.2 Interface allows you to access all Sub Toolbars without the need for any clicks, making the modeling process faster and even more productive.TechGems 4.2 is committed to sharing with you information of how to best use the classic Rhino tools for the creation of jewelry and how to use them in conjunction with the many TechGems 4.2 tools to achieve the highest results possible.


ZBrush in the Jewelry Industry:

In recent years, Jewelry designers who have experimented with CAD and NURBS based software programs have found themselves feeling limited in what they can accomplish with their designs. With ZBrush, crafting a ring feels just like sculpting in wax in a way that recalls the methods of traditional jewelry designers. But with ZBrush the traditional approach in enhanced with tools that enable limitless exploration, variation, and experimentation.

Jewelry is an art form, and should not feel like a technical exercise. ZBrush lets you feel the virtual wax at your fingertips. The freedom to design whatever you can imagine is right there on the ZBrush canvas. Combine the speed and flexibility of using a computer with the natural and artistic touch of sculpting with ZBrush.

ZBrush in the Production Pipeline:

Accuracy is maintained in the design pipeline with the ability to import basic forms and templates into ZBrush. NURBS models created in other software packages can be triangulated and converted to a sculptable mesh. Using the many sculpting tools within the ZBrush toolbox a blank can be crafted into a gorgeous work of art within an amazingly short amount of time. Customization is easy and fast, a request from a client can be easily tested and presented with as many variations as needed before any printing is done.

ZBrush allows you to test your designs instantly by replicating realistic materials and natural lighting. Using the Material Capture tools (MatCap) you can sample surface qualities from photographs and render realistic images of your products while you continue to design.

ZBrush enables you to take a design from concept to completion in a single day. The base model you start with in the morning can be sculpted and prepared for 3D printing by the end of the day. Using the Decimation Master plug-in, dense models can be converted to a printable mesh without losing detail. The free 3D Print Exporter will then enable you to choose your printing format and send it to your favorite 3D printing vendor for rapid prototyping. No other 3D software offers such speed and flexibility!


JewelCAD is a 3D free-form surface based solid modeler. It provides powerful free-form modeling tools that allow freedom in creating artistic and stylish designs. These tools are flexible and intuitive and they can be easily learned and used.
Product Information:
Non-engineering approach for easy learning and fast operation

Only basic knowledge in computers will be sufficient to master the software in several weeks.
Abundant movie-like demonstrations for learning various skills and techniques in building models.
Very simple graphic user interface and intuitive functions.

The most popular CAD/CAM software for the Jewelry industry world

Books of Jewelry designs with photo quality images generated by JewelCAD are being published and distributed.

Powerful modeling functions for complicated designs

  • Flexible and advanced modeling functions to create and modify curves and surfaces
  • Special functions for designing necklaces, twisting surfaces and stone settings
  • Simple and easy function for free-form surface cutting and subtracting

Built-in design components library for expediting design process

  • Stones and Mountings libraries
  • Basic parts and components libraries
  • Scalability for user library
  • Ability to generate new designs by extracting parts or components from finished designs.

Single integrated solution for Design, Photo-realistic rendering, CNC machining and Rapid Prototyping output for manufacturing

  • Allow 3-Dimensional viewing and manipulation of models
  • Fast and easy to output high quality photo-realistic color images
  • Calculate the weight and count the number of stones of a design piece
  • Output standard GM-code, Roland MDX code and slicing STL data for CNC 3-axis and rotary axis machining


JewelCAD Pro is the next generation jewelry design software of JewelCAD. It has a complete new program core to allow for fast and efficient features extension and further development. JewelCAD Pro has more attractive and powerful functions for modeling and jewelry auto-setting. We are now working closer with our users to develop more new functions for industry customization. Current users are welcome to join the JewelCAD Pro technical forum in our web site to give us valuable suggestions for our further software development.
JewelCAD Pro can import current JewelCAD data files. It allows perfect STL and SLC data output for most. Rapid Prototyping machines. The generic STL data output can also be exported to other CAD/CAM software for further processing and CNC machining.
JewelCAD Pro still maintains the simple user interface and similar way of working in JewelCAD so that current users can operate it without much difficulty. More and more comprehensive video tutorials will help users to learn all the new functions.
JewelCAD is the most popular CAD software for jewellery manufacturers in Asia. Our strong development team will make JewelCAD Pro to be the best CAD software for jewelry industry.
User Interface :

  • More flexible and more customization features for users and will support multi-platform in future upgrade
  • Simple design, easy to understand, quick for learning
  • Structure list is added allowing more effective control and operation during complicated modeling.
  • Real-time viewing rotation is allowed with smooth shading and even for full texture rendering

Other new features :

  • Move, size and rotate with bounding box on objects.’
  • Generate isoperimetrical curves on surface and can be converted to simple curves for modeling and stones setting.
  • Generate array of stones along curve or surface with different stone size and separation.

Create curves on surface.

  • Easier and more effective manipulation of control points on surface,also allowing addition of local control points.
  • Free setting of frames on surface by mouse, then assigning stone,setting or object to frames.
  • Generate material list including metal weight, stone size, surface area, ring size.
  • Import and Export OBJ file.
  • Curves Boolean operation.


Monarch® CAD

A Workbench As Big As Your Imagination

3D jewelry CAD design opens up limitless possibilities – especially when you are using Monarch. Simply put, Monarch is the fastest and most advanced jewelry CAD software on the market today.
Easy enough to say, but here’s the proof:































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